What is a journeywoman?


A journeywoman is seeking to glorify God each step of her journey. She’s asking things like, “How can I glorify God through opening my home? How can I glorify God by memorizing scripture? How can I glorify God using my gifts, like teaching, writing, or serving? How can I glorify God in my season of waiting, singleness, transition, depression, etc?”

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All photography provided by Sarah Pape and Alexandra Jordan


My name is Hunter Beless

Hi! I'm Hunter Beless, a journeywoman for Christ. I believe God has called me to seek after those who are lost and guide them back to their Heavenly Father. I passionately exercise this God-given design through my roles as a wife, mama, aspiring podcast host, and writer. Though we stumble often, my husband Brooks and I strive to display God's covenant-keeping love through our marriage and oneness. We have two precious babies, Hadley Grace and Davy Kathryn, and we currently live in Fort Campbell, KY where Brooks serves in the US Army. Hunter, Brooks, Hadley, and Davy love journeying through life together for the glory of God.


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